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The German Galileo test and development infrastructure GATE has been recertified to serve as a Galileo open‐air test laboratory, for receiver integrity testing (RAIM) for safety‐of‐life (SoL) applications, and for Galileo SIS ICD conformance of signal characteristics and signal quality. The GATE facility, in Berchtesgaden, is operated by IFEN GmbH. Certification was conducted by TÜV SÜD, an international service corporation focusing on consulting, testing, certification and training. GATE consists of eight transmitting stations that emit Galileo signals in the GATE test area in Berchtesgaden, as well as two monitoring stations that receive and process these signals. For application tests, it is essential for GATE to provide constant Galileo specifications for tests, including position accuracy, signal spectrum and navigation data. This is necessary for both test types: tests with the eight “GATE satellites” only and tests with simultaneously usage of the already-existing Galileo satellites in orbit. The compliance to the specification was verified by the company NavCert GmbH from Braunschweig, Germany, in a recertification of the GATE test bed. Compared to a full certification, taking place every three years, a recertification only verifies the compliance to the specification by the use of random inspections though tests in GATE. The recertification also includes an audit of the operation processes of the operating company IFEN GmbH. Here, the implementation and adherence to process procedures for GATE operation were verified. This includes questions such as whether a sufficiently technical skilled team is available for operating GATE, if the performed application tests are documented in a reproducible way, and how the GATE team handles non‐conformances to the specification and improvements to the system. With finalization of the recertification work, the GATE certificate was extended by TÜV SÜD to January 2016. Because of this, GATE customers can rely on the independent verification of the GATE test and development environment for upcoming testing activities, IFEN said. As an add‐on, customers of IFEN’s NavX‐NCS GNSS simulator benefit from the recertification by obtaining a confirmation from an independent organization (TÜV Süd), reassuring the functionality of GPS and Galileo signal characteristics and signal quality as per SIS ICD, IFEN said.

cell phone call blocker

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