Digital electric meter jammer , jammer direct marketing strategy

Photo: Septentrio Septentrio has unveiled the AsteRx-m2 Sx OEM board, which provides a GPS/GNSS receiver with always-on sub-decimeter accuracy without the need for additional correction service subscriptions. With the AsteRx-m2 Sx, Septentrio is pioneering a novel approach to high-accuracy positioning. Its latest core GNSS technology is integrated with a sub-decimeter correction service enabling simple plug-and-play positioning solutions. High-accuracy positioning is available directly out of the box as GNSS corrections are automatically streamed to the receiver. This significantly simplifies the receiver set-up process and eliminates the hassle of corrections service subscription and maintenance. “This product marks a new step for GNSS technology towards convenience and ease-of-use,” said Danilo Sabbatini, product manager at Septentrio. “By integrating the correction service directly into the GNSS receiver, we are removing the hassle of positioning service set-up and maintenance from the user. This means faster set-up times for our customers and worry-free, always-on high-accuracy positioning throughout the receiver lifetime.” The AsteRx-m2 Sx is an efficient positioning solution for small robots, aerial drones and automation applications. Its optimized size, weight and power (SWaP) means longer operation on a single battery charge and better value in the field, according to Septentrio. Advanced anti-jamming technology AIM+ ensures robust and reliable operation in challenging environments, even in the presence of RF interference. Septentrio is offering a free GNSS corrections webinar on July 8 at  5 p.m. CEST/ 8 p.m. PST.

digital electric meter jammer

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