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Photo: Hyatt The GPS World staff is reporting live from ION GNSS+ Sept. 16-20 in Miami, providing news, photos, videos and more. According to show organizers, this year’s conference brings together international leaders in GNSS and related positioning, navigation and timing fields to present new research, introduce new technologies, discuss current policy, demonstrate products and exchange ideas. News A day without satellites would affect us all (10/7/2019) RX Networks announces NavIC support (9/23/2019) Orolia introduces new GNSS testing and simulation portfolio (9/18/2019) Trimble Pivot, Alloy GNSS receiver now support BDS-3 signals (9/17/2019) Trimble handheld AR SiteVision takes data visualization outdoors (9/17/2019) Hemisphere GNSS debuts OEM boards with next-gen ASIC technology (9/17/2019) CEA-Leti and Orolia announce FlexFusion positioning and navigation technology (9/12/2019) Septentrio introduces GNSS/INS system in rugged housing (9/11/2019) Spirent unveils enhanced flagship simulator at ION GNSS+ 2019 (9/11/2019) Septentrio unveils GNSS/INS receiver for drones (9/9/19) Spirent adds major GSS9000 series GNSS simulator enhancements (9/4/19) Spirent Sim3D provides realistic multipath simulation (8/29/19) Abstract submissions open for ION GNSS+ 2019 (11/29/18) Past coverage Live from ION GNSS+ 2018 Live from ION GNSS+ 2017 Live from ION GNSS+ 2016 Live from ION GNSS+ 2015 Live from ION GNSS+ 2014

emp jammer definition

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